Nanae Inagaki / 稲垣なな絵 国語教師

稲垣 なな絵
Nanae Inagaki 
Born in 1971. Her grandparents, uncles, aunts, parents and sisters all grew up in a teacher family. (Her mother retired from being an elementary school principal, her sister and sister’s husband are active elementary school principals)
When she graduated from college, she obtained a junior high and high school teacher’s license (national language). After she graduated, she obtained an elementary school teacher’s license while working as a secretary to the Dean of the Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University. After she became an elementary school teacher, she got married. She moved to Germany in June 2007.
Her two children graduated from an international school in Germany. She is the mother of two college students.
As she engages in the education of many children in Germany, she faces the difficulties of educating foreign children.
With her experience as a national language teacher and her innate “Yu-ka-shi” power, she devises a national language education method on how to grow bilingual. (“Yu-ka-shi” is an old word “I want to see, hear, know”)
She is not only trying to “study sitting at a desk” but also to educate children to bring out “fun”.
She has a good reputation for her writing instruction, such as the child she taught won the award at the writing contest of the Overseas Child Education Foundation last year.
ntest of the Overseas Child Education Foundation last year.